My Internship Experience in NCR

As part of the requirements in order to graduate in the BS-IT program, I had to take my practicum. And the company that hired me for the training is NCR Corporation.

NCR is a global IT company giving solutions to customer needs. Its products include ATMs, checkouts, and kiosks. It has continued to be leading on "how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business".

My job there was a software tester. And as one fulfilling the role, I execute given test cases and ensure that the expected results of all the procedures match the actual results. If not, a bug will be reported to the developers for them to fix.

Other tasks included verifying logged issues, making configuration tests on devices, and finding bugs- the most important part of the role.

I was assigned to the team working on the SSCO (SelfServ Checkout). It's a product aimed for customers to transact their items in an easy, convenient, and secure way. They scan their items, bag them, and pay at their convenience. In effect, customer satisfaction is maintained, and the store acquiring the device is benefited for an increase in revenue.

During the course of my stay, I was given objective tasks that covered my main responsibilities. They were challenging, but I was able to accomplish all of them. I even did more than what I could do from them. These helped me acquire the skills I need if ever I take a position like that in the future. And being in a team concerning quality, it was there that I realized its importance to any product planned for release to customers. This motivated me to do my work well.

The workplace was very friendly and ideal. It was very spacious. It suited every employee to do their work well. My workmates were very warm, friendly and approachable. They treated me as if I was part of their team. And I could see that they treated each other like family.

We would help each other at work, go to lunch together, eat snacks together, share jokes with one another, and other things. They made me feel comfortable to be myself. And I enjoyed being in their company. 

I stayed with them for two months. It's equivalent to the required hours needed to finish my internship. So when the time came that my training was complete, I felt grateful but sad. This whole thing will be missed. It was fun working with the employees and fellow interns. It was also fun sharing moments together. Overall, it was an enjoyable, memorable and perspective-changing experience. 

Though my stay there was short, I learned a few important things:

1. Always take note of every detail.
Every point about the product to be released is important. If one's missed, then it'll impact the customer. A product that's working good is better than a product with bugs on it.

2. Always be assured and confident of yourself.
As one who works with quality, it's part of the job to ensure that everything works fine. When we feel unsure of some parts, we cover them so that we can feel sure that they're being tested. The higher the assurance, the higher the confidence that the product is of good quality.

3. Never hesitate to ask anyone.
Whenever there are doubts or questions about what's to be tested, we ask the people who can help us understand what we're testing. It shows that we're concerned about giving the product to customers in its best quality.

And there are things I want to impart to them from my short stay. First is my whole self as a workmate and a friend. I'm a person willing to help someone in need. Second is my contributions to the project. I hope my efforts were not in vain and in waste as I have done the best that I could to help complete it. And with the things they imparted to me, I will not forget them.

I would love to work with them again if given the chance. But only time will tell if this will happen. So I conclude that this has been a learning experience that will not be forgotten.