Curiosity Aspect

As we go through in life, we deal on many things and sometimes we ask on these ones. It's nice to deal with them in curiosity so that we can handle them better.

As a Christian, here are the things we usually encounter. These are considered to be basic and necessary. But it's important that we know how to manage them.

Knowing God
We started to know Him when we decided to become His. And we wanted to know Him more with the Bible and other things that can help us in our spiritual walk. If that's our pursuit, then it's important to do so. For whatever doubts we may have, we can go back to the basic truths about Him.

Church Life
This is where we meet fellow Christians, in whom we are to show our brotherly love. This is also where we practice our traditions. And they are very important. For whatever questions we may have with them, we should go back to the main reasons on why we do so.

This is where we communicate with God in everything that concerns us. And this is the thing we can hold on to, because it's amazing to see our prayers answered. Although certain questions may surround us in this one, I think it's important that we keep a right attitude to it.

Understanding Satan
Knowing about his background, it will lead us on how we should be able to guard ourselves from his attacks and fight them. And this is very important. Because if we have questions about him, we should really know the basic truths so that we won't be mislead in the end.

Christianity Ethics
In a world where certain acts are considered for some to be ethical, it is best to go back to what God commands us on what is considered to be right or wrong. There may be issues we encounter that would put us into questions. But then again, what He instructs to us is important.

Money Matters
Money can be a great source of need or a great source of destruction. So the most important thing is to know how to be a good steward to it. So whatever questions we may have surrounding it, we should go back to what He says about it.

It is God's design to a man and woman who love each other. It would be a very challenging one to take, since there are failed ones being seen. So whatever questions we may have, it's important to go back to what He says about it and let Him be the one to lead it in the long run.

Well, there are other things to be considered aside from these ones mentioned. But in every aspect we face, there would be always questions in mind. So if that happens, we should always be guided by God in whatever He says about them so that we can be lead on the right track.