A Look Back at the College Years

A chapter's about to end. And a new one starts. I'm now at the phase where I get to face the real world. I have to look for a job in order for me to earn money and survive. But before I get there, I want to go back to how college life was for me.

College is a different environment. You take different subjects, have different class schedules, and meet different classmates every semester. You learn to enroll by yourself, pay for your own books, and complete all needed documents before you can graduate. But you can still enjoy the student life in spite of it. 

I decided to study Information Technology. It was suggested based on my level of capability. Though it wasn't my first choice, I gave it a try. And I found it to be alright. I found the subjects manageable,  as they sparked an interest in me. So I continued on.

In this course, I learned the fundamentals of programming, computer operations, web development, graphic designing, databases, networking, management,  software engineering, software testing, and mobile development. Once you finish it, you can choose which field to specialize when you enter the industry. 

During the first semester of the first year, we had the block system. We were assigned to a group that will take the same class schedule. I was part of the first block. And I was blessed to be part of it. They were kind, friendly, and approachable. We gave help for any school-related work. We joked around at times. We eventually became comfortable with one another.

As we approached the second semester, we had different schedules. But we still managed to keep in touch with each other. We became classmates on some subjects. We met new friends along the way.

When you go a level up, you know you have to keep on going in order to survive. For us who went all the way to the end, we wouldn't forget the time-limited programming problems, the numerous software projects, the pressuring oral defense sessions, and lots of math.  Every measure of effort was worth it. And we're thankful for all the teachers who guided and helped us on these.

I learned a lot from here. I now understood the world around me. A technical side of me started to grow. And it'll develop as I continuously learn.

And if there's one thing that keeps me grounded, it's that I was able to graduate cum laude even though I didn't deserve it. I lost my focus and showed some bad sides of myself. I almost failed in subjects because of that. But by God's grace, I was able to bounce back.

I still have a long way to go. And I'm ready to take in whatever life gives me. I'll fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith.