A Look Back at the College Years

Another life highlight has been put to a close. It's no other than the college life. In preparation for this, all high school friends and moments are served as memories. And a field of interest is to be pursued on what would be considered as a professional career in the future.

I decided to take Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) as my Bachelor's degree major for college. For among a list of those I went over, it's one of those I considered based on the level of difficulty in terms of thinking.

In here, I studied subjects like programming, databases, web design, networking and software engineering.

Looking back to what I've been through the course, I can say that every measure of effort was worth it. Despite being a new world for me, I learned all that I could from it. This is in order for me to not only pass all of the subjects. But also, it's for me to know fundamentals as preparation in entering the IT industry.

Thankfully, I was able to manage and finish all of them. There were those of general knowledge, and also industry-related concepts. And I've looked at my course at a different perspective. I can see my technical side here. And I began to appreciate a little on how I can contribute to the technology-driven world we are living now.

I'd been into different teachers with different personalities. With this, I tried to be the best I could in passing his/her class. And I'm thankful that they can see that effort. As long as after I finish a subject, I keep a healthy teacher-student relationship.

With the classmates and friends I had from there, they were friendly, approachable and fun to be with. And I'm thankful to be a part of a "dynamic" batch. Despite different personalities, we can get along and we could be a batch like no other.

The challenges in here included everyday requirements and the new environment. The new environment was far from the one I was used to. I also faced personal struggles like laziness, pride, envy and temptation. It was in here that I committed a lot of mistakes, which lead to unwanted consequences.

They took a hold on me. But thankfully, I had my strongholds like my family and concerned friends to help me sail on these storms. But the most important stronghold I had was God.

I didn't want to face Him after all the mess I made. But I'm happy that His love and grace was there. And I was able to make the turning point to leave the mess. This would start the gradual restoration. And after all that I've been through, I was able to graduate cum laude.

Now that this phase is finished, I still have a long way to go. My only prayer is that whatever stages I'll be going through, I'll be committed to "fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith".