Life Journey

Life is said to be the university we never stop attending to. But this is a different kind of university.

The tests are given right away. And the results are determined through our responses to each of them. Then, the lesson is given afterwards.

I wanted to know where I am in this very important course. So I attended a 3-day youth camp to help me in this assessment.

The camp was all about the journey. And through those short but meaningful days, I made different points based on what I learned in the activities conducted:

1. Life is meant to be treated as an adventure.
Each one of us has our own story. And for our lives to be made into an adventure, we ought to know our purpose in life so that we can really see it as a journey. Once we know it, we learn to accept it and yield it. From there, we act on it until the day we fulfill it.

2. Life can give us the blessings we can get.
Blessings are the opportunities we have a chance to grab as we go through in life. If we can take all the opportunities we can get, our journey can be fulfilling. And let us be contented on whatever blessings God has given to us. For if we take for too much or too less of them, it is not good.

3. We are to be cautious with the enemies.
The journey is not a walk on the park. There are obstacles that will hinder us in completing it. There would be attempts like deceits and direct attacks. So it is important to be vigilant and alert if we know that the attack approaches us.

4. There are things we need to leave behind before we start the adventure.
Our lives won't be directed into an adventure if we don't let go of the heavy things we carry inside: the excess baggage and the filthy garbage. Not only are these needed to be left behind in us, but also to be killed and to be burned. We can't go on if we continue to bring with them along.

5. You still create value in spite of your flaws.
There are times that people judge us through our mistakes, flaws or weaknesses. But in spite of these, we have our strengths. And from there, we can be used as an inspiration to others who may go through the same as we do. We are not perfect people, but we can do something great and significant.

6. You have a point in your life where legacy is concerned.
We will be reaching into a point in time where legacy is a main thing. So it is our drive to be at our best to ourselves and to the people around us. For this is important, most especially in imparting to the future generations.

As I evaluated myself, I saw that I wanted to maximize the gradual restoration I had months ago. And I'm glad that He recognized that, as it began to be felt bit by bit.

And I know that life is not easy. There are things along the way that push us down, but we can get back up with the people who are with us in the journey. For the journey cannot be done alone, as the power of many stands through all the things that come our way.

I do not fully know yet my adventure. But whatever that is, I am determined to finish my life well and strong until the end.