Thailand Tour Experience

Last May 23-26, my family had a chance to have a trip to Thailand. It was together with some relatives and friends.

It's been a while since my last travel outside the country. So I wanted to take that chance and looked forward to it.

Day 1
We arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok at about 7 pm Thailand time. Here we met with Achi Angie and her hubby John. They served as our tourist guides for our stay.

Then we rode a van on the way to dinner. As we were on the way, I looked at the airport scenery. I was amazed by it. The roads were big and wide. The buildings and everything they had were good. And about less than an hour later, we were able to reach the city part. It was fascinating despite having city similarities here.

We had dinner at Thonkrueng Restaurant. And I found their dishes to be good, simply made at its best. Then, we checked on a hotel for us to rest and prepare for the next day.

Day 2
It's our first tour day. So we started around the many different stores in the streets of Bangkok and bought things from there. As we were walking around, we noticed Buddha statues in place. It happened to be Vesākha Bucha Day, a national holiday of Thailand where Buddha's life is celebrated. With that, liquor is prohibited from selling.

We then proceeded to the Platinum Fashion Mall, the biggest fashion mall in Thailand. Each floor was filled with stores that sell a common item. There was one floor for women's clothes, one for men's clothes and so on. So we went through each of them, had lunch and bought some things from there.

We were able to visit Gaysorn Plaza, a mall where the finest and expensive items are being sold. From there, it lead us to Ratchaprasong District, called as "the heart of Bangkok". We took a skywalk and had a city view. And we were awed as it was eye-pleasing.

We took the Siam train station in order to reach Siam Paragon. As we entered the mall and explored it, I was awed by its bigness. My amazement continued as I went outside the mall. I find the view eye-pleasing regardless of the angle I'm looking at.

Then, we rode a skytrain that took us from Siam to Asok. And from there, we were able to visit Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. I was amazed by its bigness as it really looked like an airport terminal. After that, we rode a mass rapid transit (MRT) from Sukhumvit to Huai Kwang to have our dinner.

We had our dinner at Somboon Seafood. And I find their dishes to be good, most notably their bass fish and mango with sticky rice. Then, it was time to go back as we called it a day. We rode back to the trains and walked all the way home. And we bought some last things while doing so.

Day 3
Our tour continued as we went to Pattaya, an almost 3-hour ride from Bangkok. And as we were riding, I looked at the view and I found it to be like a city setting here. After a few minutes, we stopped for lunch at Baan Amphur where fresh seafood was served.

After lunch, we continued on to our next destination. And along the way, I was able to see a floating market. A few minutes later, we reached our destination, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. So we toured around the different parts of the garden. I was amazed by what it could bring as they were eye-catching.

Then, we watched a 30-minute cultural show where it presented some dances, its ancient martial arts, its varying drums and its combat sport, Muay Thai. We also watched a 30-minute elephant show where the elephants showed their skills like playing darts, riding a bicycle and painting.

After that, we went back to Bangkok to have dinner at Tawandang German Brewery. This is said to have the finest beer. And though I managed to have a sip of it, I can say that it is good. They also have good cuisine as well. They also have in-house entertainers who gave fine, entertaining and memorable nonstop performances. After the long night there, we went home.

Day 4
For the last day of the trip, we went to the Grand Palace. And I was awed by the different structures they had like the Phra Mondhop, the Model of Angkor Wat and the Guardian Giants.

Then, we proceeded to MBK Center, one of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok. And looking at it, I find it to be as good as is. We had lunch, then walked around the mall as much as possible from the time we had left and bought some things from there.

We left the mall and headed back to the airport. Along the way, I gave one last look to the city and remarked the country for what it has become. There are more places to be visited though. But if given the chance to come back, I would want to visit them.

We reached the airport at about 3 pm Thailand time, and we thanked our tourist guides for accommodating us in our days of stay. There, we stayed until we boarded home at about 8:30 pm Thailand time. And before the plane flew to the skies, I gave one last look at the city view of Bangkok and thanked myself for this chance of an experience.

We slept until we reached our homeland at 1 am Philippine time. And as we reached home, I took a few hours of sleep and prepared all the things needed for a 3-day camp.