Personal Significance

I can say it's the one thing people look for in their lives. It's where we feel the presence of meaning and a sense of importance and belonging. And it's still felt despite the flaws present in us.

We can define our personal significance by the two kinds of audiences:

1. The audience of many
It is defined through our performance and their opinions about us. Sometimes, we get ourselves to be hooked on pleasing others. And in pleasing others, we always find ways to get their nod.

We can be conscious of our performance.
We always believe that we must not fail. We tend to freak out whenever there's a mistake. This is simply because we don't want them to look down on us for that.

We can be frequently looking for approval.
We would not let anyone reject us. And pleasing them is a need so that we can feel good about ourselves.

We can be not putting the blame to ourselves.
We believe that those who fail are unworthy of love and they deserve to be punished. We can point to others for blame, for fear of being punished. We can even point to ourselves if we feel we deserve punishment.

We can be avoiding ourselves from shame.
We believe that we are who we are, we cannot change, therefore we are hopeless. We try to be the best that we can, while we try to hide the things we cannot change that puts us to shame.

2. The audience of One
It is defined through God's truth about us. And here is this truth.

* He loves us in spite of who we are.
* He initially chose us to be part of His family.
* He did everything for us to know Him and become His child.

Coming from these two kinds of audiences,  I can say that One person is enough to assure us of a big personal significance. The preferences of others may change, but the preference of God will not change.

This ultimate truth reminds us of who we really are. They may do things that would make us feel not accepted, but they cannot match the self-worth we have in Him. We are imperfect people, but we are loved by a perfect God.

I now conclude that I rather go with the approval of God rather than the approval of men. For He gives us the true self-worth. And let's not forget that we have our fellow Christians who will be there to place our self-worth with as we serve a common One.