Gift of Grace

It's the gift we receive when we chose to find our salvation in God. And out of love, He gave us this gift generously.

We did not work for it, but He gave it to us for free to accept. And when we chose to accept it, it’s something that we couldn’t imagine.

We did not merit this. But through it, we are empowered to be who He wants us to be because of His power present in us.

So as we take in our spiritual walk, there are two kinds of grace that we experience:

vertical grace               
This is the grace that is given from God to man. And we have experienced this kind of grace first when we made Jesus as our Lord and Savior in our lives.

horizontal grace
This is the grace that is given from man to man. And as people of God, we are expected to show grace to the people around us. But we should know the impact of grace in us, so that they can also see it.

I happen to read an article about horizontal grace, and the questions presented gave a thought in mind:

 * Why is it easy for us to pay back evil for evil, knowing we will lose things like friendships and relationships?
 * Why is it hard for us to let others be themselves?
 * Why do we have a tendency to compare ourselves with others, leading to criticism and competition?
 * Why do we feel uneasy with differences?
 * Why do we have the tendency to control each other, going into manipulating and intimidating?

One thing I can say with them is that because of our fallen nature. We are so preoccupied with making ourselves great, causing those mentioned to occur in us. With that, I am reminded that God never intended everyone to be alike. He wants each of us to be unique.

It then gave ways on how we can let each other be each other:

1. Accept others, let them be themselves.
Sometimes, we practice conditional acceptance. We accept him if he is this, or we accept him if he does this. But who are we to judge another? When we accept a person, we take the fact that he is valuable just as he is and we allow him to be the real him. 

2. Not bossing others allows the Lord freedom to direct their lives.
We give them space to make up their own minds. We don’t need to step in and tell them what to do. We just let them be alone. He will be the one to work in them.

3. Letting others alone shows we’re not qualified to direct anybody.
We’re not qualified because we lack full knowledge, jump to wrong conclusions and make judgment statements, only to find out how far off we were. But most of all, we ourselves are imperfect and inconsistent.

Knowing these things, I should value every person with grace. And one thing to end: Grace is free, His love is priceless but sin is costly“. So let us be an example of His love and grace.