No Regrets Made

We don't want to make this. We don't even want to feel this.

For if we do so, we would feel heavy when we look back at it later on. We would wish it happened differently or did not happen at all.

I'm talking about a regret, something we don't want to commit.

Every day we face a lot of tests, and we always face many options. And as what they say, "Life is always 10% situation and 90% response". It goes to show that our choices will influence our future. We can choose our actions or responses, but we cannot choose the consequences they will bring.

Now making decisions is considered to be the most crucial thing to do as we go through in life. But why do people make bad decisions in life? Well, I learned of reasons why they do so and I find two of them to be those that say enough for this.

1. Emotions come in when we decide.
A decision with emotions is biased. Sometimes, it will point us to an outcome we never expect. If that emotion is unhelpful, we should get rid of it. There will be worst effects if we don't do so.

2. We neglect the priorities of life.
Sometimes, we seek out our own priorities first rather than the important priorities we have. We focus too much on our self. With that, we face the unwanted consequences of our actions.

There are factors we consider in making decisions. And here are some of them:

Well, we can't get away that our mistakes can lead to creating bad decisions. It's our common nature as humans, and our fallen nature is bound to fail. If we already made them, it's time to learn from them. But if second chances arise from our mistakes, we grab the opportunity in order to correct them.

We feel this when we come to make a decision. Sometimes, we feel this when the decision has already been made. It's because of the uncertainty that the consequence will be good. Sometimes, we may make a bad decision if we get overwhelmed by it. But if we place confidence in our decision-making, we can overcome the fear we feel.

We have our perfect example of things- life, career or even a family of our own. Well, it's not wrong to dream big. But sometimes, they would not follow in the future. There will arise things better than what we perceive of. They may turn out to be for our own good one day.

And there are other things like family, relationships, work, school and society. So it is important for us to choose wisely and choose right in whatever things we're going through.

If there's a need to think a lot of times before coming to a decision, then we do so. If there's a need to consult people who can help make wise decisions, then we do so as well. The important thing here is that the decisions we make can reap a long-term benefit in the end.