Southern Leyte Vacation

When school ends and summer break starts, it's nice to unwind from all work done. And it would be nice if it's well spent in the province.

In the city, it's a noisy and crowded environment. It's where one lives a hectic lifestyle. But in the province, it's clean and peaceful. In here, one can live out simply.

We would usually spend our vacation in Southern Leyte. It's where my grandparents live, together with one of my uncles and his family. Together with relatives, we would be there when Holy Week starts.

I always looked forward to these ones because it's where all of us can be together at a time like this. Each part of the house would be filled with a lot of chatter and unwinding activities. And most of the days are usually spent on the beach. I would swim at the sea as much as I could and wouldn't care if my skin became dark for that.

But I felt sad when the week was finished. It was time to go back from life's daily routines. While they returned, my sister and I remained to spend our vacation until school comes again.

I have built up memories through the stay. I remember on how the house used to have a bakery. I loved how their breads tasted, and how they wouldn't be compared to any other made.

It also used to have a place for billiards. I would look with eyes wide open when one would aim with their cue stick at the ball, and watch where the balls went. When evening comes, the movie house would be open. I would be with my grandmother at times to watch over people who would come to see the movie. I would eat the candies placed while I was watching it. 

I would also remember visiting the Old Port across the house. It's best visited when it's late afternoon or early evening. The wind is strong and cold, but it gives that warm feeling. Though the seas would roar due to the high tide, they gave that wonderful crystal-clear-view. The moon shines brightly and clearly when seen. There would be flames from lamps of fishermen in their boats that shine brighter.

I would also remember the times where I would go to the plaza and walk around. I would go to the playground sometimes and play there. I would also remember biking around the whole area, turning my head around with what I'm seeing.

Those were good, sweet ones when they are looked back. And they became memorable because my sister and our younger cousins were there. We shared a lot of moments and had fun, in spite of all the ups and downs. We have become closer in one way.

Now, things have changed. There used to be a lot of people who would come for vacation, but there are only a few now. I would have all the time to visit there for a vacation, but now I have a few. If I could turn back time, I would go back to those days where I should have spent my time well.

Realizing these things, I can now see on what the rural life can bring. So now, I'm going to go back here whenever I have the chance to do so. For this has already placed a mark at a part of my life.