Life Purpose

It is said that we have a purpose in life. It implies the reason of our existence. It is the one thing that motivates us to be alive, and we can live longer if we continue to dwell in that motivation.

As Christians, we are made by God and we are called to Him for a purpose. Once we know our purpose, it becomes our mission. And we fulfill our mission until our time here on Earth is finished.

When we know our purpose in life, we can see that there is a bigger role we play in where we're at. It is something that is far beyond the normal motions in life we are experiencing. And here are things I've learned in a 3-day youth camp on how we can live our lives with significance and meaning:

1. Always have a burden.
We live in this world where a lot of things happen and where the only constant thing that happens is change. And the only thing we can get by these changes is learning from them. We should keep in mind that learning happens everyday and it occurs in everywhere we go.

To get the heart of a learner, we should be passionate, persistent, patient, persevering and if needed, to be in pain. And once we learn the art of learning, it's time to find the things we are passionate about. Once we discover them and recognize them as the things God want us to do, then we are to be the best He wants us to be in them. And when we learn to do so, we know what it means to have a burden for a bigger cause.

2. Know your vision.
Once we know what it means to burden, we always have this drive to make things better. This is where we vision. We see on how we want it to be fulfilled. And this vision we have always involves on our imagination.

It's interesting to know that the things we see right now are a product of a creator's imagination. Even we ourselves are a product of our Creator's imagination. Since He gave us the ability to imagine, why not use it to create something that can make an impact to our surroundings? Who knows, it can also make an impact for a lifetime.

3. Get rid of hindrances in fulfilling your purpose. 
We should get rid of the things that would stop us from fulfilling our purpose. These are the things that suck the life out of us. These things I'm talking about is sin.When we continue to sin, we don't prosper in anything. This is in contrast to the kind of life God wants us to live. And also, it breaks His heart.

If we really want to destroy sin in our lives, we should realize the sin we're in, take responsibility for it, make a repentance and rely on Him to help us not to go back there again. We can keep a vow for this commitment, so that we can be guided to live a holy life. This is the kind of life He wants us to live, for He is a Holy God.

4. Be faithful to complete your purpose.
Once we throw off everything that hinders us, including the sin we want to leave behind, it's time to fulfill our purpose until we are being told that it has been accomplished. And we do this with endurance.

This is not easy as it involves pain, hardships and all other things we need to bear. But we should remember to motivate ourselves with the end in mind. And to reach ourselves with this end, we should have the strength to continue lasting. Once we do so in spite of these, we will be rewarded greatly.

Seeing these makes me think of David Livingstone and his missionary work to Africa. With the trials, hardships and loneliness of his exiled life, what sustained him was a promise that says "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world". And with the life that he lived, his life motto was "I will place no value on anything I have or possess, except in its relationship to the kingdom of God."

Like him, we can have a life lived for something. We can be assured that no matter what obstacles we go through, God will be with us in fulfilling our purpose all the way to the end. Let us not forget the people He appointed for us to help us in this endeavor. So now, it's time get the life He wants for us and fulfill it.