First Engage

When we engage, we participate. And when we participate, we bring something to come into working contact.

And when it comes to engaging, there's nothing more in doing so with God. He can fill up every longing we look for, and it feels satisfying.

When a person receives Christ as his Savior, he experiences the peace, freedom and happiness that can be felt at the moment. With that, he has that desire to be with Him and follow Him all the days of His life. That's the delight of first love for Him.

He would see to it that every day will be a day where He seeks Him and wants to dwell in His presence. And most importantly, he would make Him central in everything He does.

From here, we should be careful not to leave our first love. For if we don't depend on God to meet our daily needs, our love for Him grows cold.

A person who wanders from his first love delights in someone else more than the Lord. He goes for the things of the world than for the things of God. He would make excuses for doing things that displease Him, claiming to be "only human". He ceases to treat others as he would treat the Lord. He becomes complacent toward sinful conditions around him.

These are some of the indicators of this condition, and we don't want that to happen to us. If ever we have any of these things, it's time for us to return to our first love. He waits for you with open arms.

First, we need to remember that first love we had for Him and recognize the changes that have developed in our relationship with God since then. We should evaluate if our sense of need for Him becomes greater or weaker, and if we have become less passionate about spiritual things than we once were.

Then, we should repent of our indifference towards God. When we repent, it involves a change of mind, heart and direction. We should forsake all thoughts, attitudes and actions that have drawn our attention away from our wholehearted love for God.

After that, we should receive God's forgiveness, and renew our commitment to bring back that passion. This is getting our priorities back and doing the most important things that deepen our intimate relationship with God, like prayer, Bible study, worship and service to others.

Once we have rekindled our first love for Him, we can feel on how much we have missed Him for so long. And it makes me think that our taste of experiencing God is just a little of what He has for us. I'm sure that when we experience Him fully, it's more than what we can imagine.

This is the beauty of falling in love with Him every day. We get to seek more and more of His love that abounds in us. So this is why we get to engage in our first love. Who knows, we could help someone who is in deep need of it.