Staying Pure

In our times today, it’s a bigger challenge for one to live a pure life. Various forms of media present can entice one to view materials that can keep himself off guard.  And even as technology advances, the problem of immorality remains the same as in the past. The consequences of broken relationships with loved ones, and most especially broken individuality, are still being faced.

This is why as Christians we are called to be Ambassadors of Purity. To be an Ambassador of Purity means we know what it means to be pure, and we embody that personality. We promote that pursuit in all we do and we set that example to others. In short, we are diplomats representing God’s holiness in an immoral world.

We’re not just only Ambassadors of Purity, but also Soldiers of the Cross. We are on a spiritual warfare against this never-ending battle with ungodliness. As soldiers defend their land from being invaded by its enemies, so it is with us from our enemies. We are in this pursuit for the people we love most- family, friends, schoolmates, workmates- and most especially to God.

With this in mind, seeking purity is one of my highest goals. I’m doing this for these people I love most who desire me to be pure. And I’m also doing this most especially to my future spouse. This is the best gift I can give when I decide to marry her.  

Through this, I am honoring the marriage bed. It is for the purpose of oneness- physically, emotionally and spiritually. It cannot be done within its boundaries. And like other covenants, I take this very seriously for breaking it reaps substantial consequences.

But as human as I am, I can miss His target of oneness. Lustful thoughts can dominate me and can lead me to immoral behavior. I fear for committing the smallest abuses and taking a little compromise in them. If left unchecked, the effects can be life-destroying. This is why I need to focus on the target and learn how to improve my aim.

No one is an exception to this kind of temptation. Whether if he is on an ongoing struggle or not, he can be prone to this trap. And I firmly believe that this battle can be won. If I want to win this battle, there are things I need to guard:

1. I need to guard my mind.
·         I need to protect my mind from anything that distorts God’s perfect design from my sexuality.
·         I should be holy for He is holy. I should not set any vile thing before my eyes, and I should glorify Him with my body.
·         I should provision my mind with what God says about immorality. I should put them to heart for they are valuable to me, and they are helpful to remind me of this pursuit.
·         I should purify my mind by renewing it with the Word of God. I should have the mind of Christ and I am to make sure that I am taking every thought captive to His obedience.
·         I should prepare my mind on the possible consequences I can face when I am lead to my own immorality. And when I do, they can remind me to press on in becoming pure.

2. I need to guard my body.
·         I need to take care of the body created by God for He owns me. He has the heavenly title deed, while my spouse has the earthly rights.
·         I should promise my body to keep it away from immorality. I should not let any one of them compromise my calling to bring glory to God.
·         I should protect my body from falling into immorality. When I need to run from it, I should not think twice.

3. I need to guard my companions.
·         I should keep in mind that my companions and I need each other to keep from falling. The battle can do it alone. And when one falls, we all need each other. No soldier is left behind.
·         I need to pray for my companions that he will be able to win in the pursuit of purity in spite of the many temptations he can face.
·         I need to protect my companions from any harm that can cause from the temptations he might give in. This is why we need to be accountable with one another.
·         I need to confront my companions for anything that involves in this pursuit. This is to show that I have God’s concern in mind for him/her.

I do this because I follow the Commander who enlisted me to become part of His army. To this, I salute His authority and follow His orders. Therefore, I march on.

With these strategies in mind, I think about those who were defeated by this battle. It’s really sad that one can be wounded by his own bad choices. Some have fallen headlong in the battle with immorality. Even I can agree to that.

Being under this cycle is really tiring, until you come into a point where you become spiritually dry. It’s exhausting until you come into a point where you don’t want it anymore, and you wish to be back on the right track.

But I am very glad to know that in every wound and fall comes healing and restoration. Help will always be on the way. All of us are prone to wander, but we can turn our heart back to God again.

There should be genuine repentance. It has to do with admitting our sin. We’re not hiding it. We’re not blaming others for it. We’re grieving over it. Then, we’re confessing our sin. After that, we’re turning from it.

When we do so, we can be fully restored. Our sin is removed. Our spirit is renewed. And our service is restored. And once we continue making that change, He will allow people to see us in a different light. This is where we can hope of mending our relationship with those we have hurt.

And moving forward, let us continue in the pursuit of becoming pure and holy. Let’s carry on in this for the rest of our lives. If each one can start with these, a possible national revival will occur. And I would look forward to see that day where each of us is renewed by this thinking.