Authentic Self

Everyone prefers to befriend a person who is real to themselves. They find freedom from being that. They don't fake themselves and are confident with who they are in everything. They don't need to impress anyone.

As Christians, we show that kind of genuineness. We have a reason of doing so and it's because we are living our lives for the One who sees it all.  Added to that, it should manifest to us as salt and light in this world.

And as messengers of His love and grace, we are to be peculiar. We are to be odd and unusual in the sense that others can see what makes a Christian stand out from the rest. We are His chosen people called out of the darkness into His light.

We can be able to do this because of the hope we found in Him. From here, we have our faith in Him and our love for His people. No lukewarm spirit should be found within us.

If there are other things I've learned when it comes to being real, here are these:

1. Being real involves giving your intended message.
It has been said that a person unconsciously does 24x7 preaching. We give a message to the people around us whatever we do at any time of the day. When we share our lives or do a random act of kindness to others, we give a message to them that can make or break.

It has also been said that the best description of the Bible is your life. If we want others to know about God's Word, then we must show them the attitude and character that's in accordance to it.

2. Being real involves showing yourself your way of expressing love.
We have our own way of showing love. And we use that when we lay our lives to others. We do this by serving them. But we have to be mindful to have Christ's heart for service. This is by imitating His humility.

We do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. We consider others better than ourselves. We look to our own interests and to the interests of others. This points us to the motives of our actions. We should be cautious in glorifying ourselves. We should know why we're doing what we're doing.

3. Being real involves the role of the church in our lives.
It has been said that people go to church to meet their needs and walk away when the needs have been met. If this is our understanding of church, then it must be changed. The true reason of the church's existence is to shape our lives.

When our lives are shaped by the church, we help it be what it is. So we should never stop loving and being in fellowship with them. Life cannot be done alone, and following Jesus is not a solo endeavor. We need one another. And when we understand this, we can reach out to others to be part of His family.

4. Being real involves knowing your essentials as a Christian.
As a Christian, we should know our essentials and non-essentials. This is important when we look at the Christian community as a whole. We consider not only those from our church, but also from other churches. Though different in perceptions, they share the same faith in God as we do.

We should learn to deal with conflicts or disagreements with one another. Since we are to love our neighbors, we value the relationship than being right. After all, our goal isn't perfection but progress. We are called to be holy as God is holy.

5. Being real involves learning to forgive.
We all get to meet people who've hurt us. We find it hard to forgive as the pain is there. But it's possible if we let God work through it in us. It's a gradual process. Though painful along the way, it's absolutely worth it in the end.

When we say that we forgive the person, it goes back to us as we assess our capability to forgive him. And we should learn to do so because He Himself forgave us. We were undeserving of this, but all changed when the cross came. Once we understand this, it's where healing starts and that's where we can forgive.

6. Being real involves our generosity.
We all have that person who left a mark on us with his or her generosity. Because of this, we get inspired to be generous as well. It's been said that if all Christians in the world are generous, no one would be poor. If all Christians would take this in full action, then this would happen.

God has been generous to us, so we should give that generosity to others as well. We can be generous in soul, body, time, talent and treasure. This is giving ourselves. And when we learn to find joy in it, it's where we can pass this gift to others.

7. Being real involves our worship.
Worship is not just singing songs, but in everything we do everyday. And this involves our heart. We see what we carry in it. We worship with a real and living God, and it goes back again to why we're doing what we're doing.

We worship Him for who He is and for what He has done in our lives. Therefore, we thank Him by the several ways we live out our faith in Him. And when it comes to our thinking and doing, we should stop thinking of ourselves.

With all these things I've learned, I can see that it all goes back to us at the end of the day. It's how we respond to each situation where we can see how much we are real with ourselves. We can do that, as long as we live our lives in God's way.

When we know how to do this, we can show the world that our faith is alive and real. They can see why Christianity is different from the rest. It's God searching for us, not the other way around. There's nothing to be done to earn our salvation, because it's already been done through His ultimate work. From there, they can get to know Him.