Disciples' Road

We are born for a reason. God picked this time and place for us to live our lives because He knew there'll be so many lives we would touch. This is the direction of our Christianity after we immediately responded His call to follow Him.

We deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him daily. This is a path from being self-oriented to Christ-oriented. It may be difficult, but it's meant to be enjoyed since Christianity is meant to have a wonderful relationship with Him.

But sometimes, we become what's called as an "unconverted believer". We profess our faith in Him yet our lifestyle is far from it. As a result, our faith can't stand out. We hinder others to know about Him. It's a battle between our human nature and our godly pursuit, but the focus should be more on the latter. Our belief should be translated into the real Christian He wants us to be. If this is a struggle, then we must understand what it really means to be His disciple. We need to know how to do such.

Here are the important things I learned of this rediscovery:

1. God initiated the call, and He made the first move.
This is the very essence of His greatest invitation. I could wonder how He manages His omnipotence and His eternal, unconditional love to lead us into where we are in Him now. But I'm thankful for it. We didn't choose this, but He did it for us. And given this, we fulfill the daily long-term goal of becoming "learner believers" along the way. We believe in Him and learn to be more like Him in all aspects of our lives. He made us and He wants us to represent Him well.

But we must be cautious of being complacent in our walk with Him. Every day is a privilege to get better than yesterday, and He's helping us do so. If we're contented with the way things are and not make them better, we might not be interested to continue further. We need to combat that.

2. Following Him makes us understand the need of a changed heart.
There are times we get lost on the road, but I'm glad to know there's always a way back. When we repent, there's an elemental transformation in everything. We're a new creation in Him. We dedicate ourselves to live and act differently. And it's glad to know that His kindness leads us toward it. To this, He'll give us His heart and His Spirit that we need in this life course.

3. Following Him makes us understand that He meets our needs.
Life's difficulties make us have needs to be immediately met. In spite of what we're going through, we should have the assurance that He'll take charge of meeting them for us. All we need to do is to receive the rest He gives us, have the peace of mind found in Him, and trust Him most importantly. We can do this because He has already met our greatest need- to be forgiven of our sins in order to be reconciled to Him. It's what Jesus can do that we can't do, and I'm forever grateful for that.  

It makes me think that we need to evaluate ourselves on our purpose of accepting this call. We follow Him not because we want a ticket for eternity and do whatever we want. We follow Him because of this greatest need. We get urged sometimes to find heaven in this world, but we end up not being satisfied. But our heaven is found at our eternal home once we've completed our mission here. It's a matter of doing our intended work and He'll lift us up of our accomplishments. When He's pleased with our actions, that's the best satisfaction we can have as it'll truly last.

4. Our hearts speak much of our love to Him.
Expressing our love for Him in our heart language helps us convey strongly to others about His importance in our lives. Therefore, we understand that Christianity is about a relationship with Him. We can't place this in the sidelines, knowing His ultimate work done out of love for us and the revolutionary changes He made in our lives. Also, we know how He wants to be loved. We can't alter things about Him in order to fit our taste.

5. We know we are His children.
Apart from being our Lord and Savior, He is importantly our Father. I think this is the one thing we need to remind ourselves because of the ultimate purpose He needed to fulfill for us. And it's interesting to know that the way we see Him as our heavenly Father is shaped by the relationship with our earthly father.

It's easy to picture when you have a good relationship with your earthly father. It's hard to imagine if you don't, or if you haven't seen him in your entire life. But one thing that amazes me is how He shows His love by being a "father to the fatherless". It shows that we can come to Him as one we can find our satisfaction from. Nothing in this world can satisfy our souls but Him alone. He is full of love, nurture, giving, protection, availability, discipline and forgiveness- all that can be found in a great Dad.

6. You need the church in the journey.
It's interesting to know that being Jesus' disciple means being His disciplined learner and follower. If we're serious with this, then we should be committed. We should be committed to His Lordship and Christhood. Since we're practitioners in this faith we're in, we ought to learn from one another. And not just that, we ought to be His intended church- in the spirit of love, care, honor, service, encouragement and a lot of things. As a church, no one gets left behind.

Final Words
It was a ride going back to the Christianity essentials. It was a reminder for everyone of us, regardless of our paces in our walk with Him.These learnings will be taken to heart. But if there's one thing that would sum up everything I learned from here, it's that our decision to follow Jesus with our hearts comes not only for the need of reconciling with Him, but also for the commitment to live for the One we gave our lives to.

The Christian life is not meant to be a life of comfort. It's meant to be a life of fulfillment and purpose found in Him. Your obedience to Him should be priority. It should be full, not partial. Your commitment is being asked. It should be done wholeheartedly, not halfheartedly. That's how it is. We all have different life journeys, but it's all about our response to His calling in our lives at the end of the day.  


  1. hello I am Antonia and I am a Christian

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    1. Hi Antonia. Glad to know you loved it. I hope this helps you in your walk with the Lord. Keep that pursuit on.

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