Midshift Time

It's been almost two years since I reported on night duty. A few days later, I proceeded to my next assignment that made me go on mid-day shift.

It was a time I'm okay with. I had the work-at-day, sleep-at-night setup, which enabled me to get enough hours of sleep in order to make up for all those working nights.

For one, it has its perks. I could spare a few more hours for sleep. My shift starts at late morning, so I could get to do that whenever I awake early. I could escape the "rush hour". It's tiring and stressful when I get to compete with others who need to hit the time as I do. It's the same when I go home. But having this time gives less-hassle homebound trips, which is comfortable.

It also has its challenges. There are adjustments, most especially time for taking meals. I would usually take 2 meals a day, but I try to make it 3 so that I could have everything I need to do my work right. There's a need to keep watch with sleep. One of the advantages of mid-shift is staying up late. I can do that without worrying of waking up early. But if I get less hours of sleep, I wake up the next day tired and sluggish. But in spite of these, I'm thankful that I was able to produce my work outputs at its best.

New Time, New Environment
With my new boss, I felt a little afraid at first because of a strict work ethic impression. But she turned out to be nice and understanding. She wanted us to ensure all daily tasks to be done. There was no problem with that. However, I needed to listen to the words carefully. They were unclear at times because of the thick accent. But I got used to it in time, and I was able to understand them.

It was in here that I got to balance between improving my skills and maintaining ground in my work ethic. I just needed to give my best in everything, and I'm glad they were satisfied with it. They gave me a high rating during the year-end project assessment. It was from there that I saw them to have a strong work ethic, which is no wonder why they make waves in the global scene.

Just when I felt at ease with my new work setup, I was informed that I'd be rolling off in a month's time. I was surprised because my stay would be short after being newly on board. I felt sad upon knowing it, but I had to accept it as it was a management decision. Though my stint lasted for 6 months, I was thankful for the trust and confidence my boss and my teammates gave me in the project. They thanked me and wished me well in my career ahead.

Shortest By Far
After taking a holiday break, I welcomed the new year studying new skills while waiting for a new project. One day, my boss from the project I recently left asked me if I could join her newly assigned project. The project was on a tight schedule and she needed resources to help finish the needed tasks on time. I accepted the offer and she told me I could start right away the next day.

It was unbelievable. I didn't need to go through the interview for the new project, which was the normal process. But in spite of that, I thanked God for it. So I continued giving my best outputs, and we were able to finish on target. I stayed there for 3 months- my shortest stint in a project by far.

Waiting Time
After that, I went back to the standard routine. Two months had passed- the longest one I did by far. I started being a little fearful that I might reach the 3-month waiting limit. But what stayed in my mind were my trust in Him and His providence.

I would never forget the day that had events in a surprising twist. I was informed by my manager that I would leave in a few weeks, yet there was a project in demand of my role. So I decided to take the interview, hoping to getting on board. Two weeks later, I was informed that I passed the interview. However, entering the project would be on the last quarter of the year. It was no chance to get there, considering the number of days left. All I could do was to be on my knees hoping for a miracle to happen.

Final Day
The day came. My stay in the company went to an end. Yesterday was my last day. And I'm about to embark on a new chapter. I want to thank the Big Blue for being part of my starting career. I learned a lot from my short stay. I also thank them for the recognition as one of the Top Talents for the year. It was unexpected, yet I'm grateful for this achievement. I feel inspired to do better always and continue what was started. I also want to thank my managers and workmates for a comfortable stay and a pleasurable acquaintance. I hope this won't be the last. I hope to work with you in the future.

It's hard leaving, but life has to go on. Who knows, a new door would lead to more opportunities that would be directed to a better path for a God-fulfilling life. I'll sail on wherever I'm lead to go.