Fully Functional Fit

Think of an individual who has what others call the complete package. He has the impressive intellect, the attractive charm, the kind-hearted character, the friendly disposition, the great sense of humor, and most especially, the perfectly sexy body.

Who wouldn't want that? All of these make one both admired and envied. If you wish to be like him, then it's not too late to start now. We all need to be sound in everything we are, and the response is pursuing to be fit and healthy.

One fact made me ponder about what we do in life. We don't give much attention in taking care of our body. We keep a positive mood in our surroundings, yet we don't watch our food intake. We don't find time to move our bodies. This becomes the root cause of sickness, where lots of money go to hospitals. At worst case, we end our lives there.

It's a reminder that we need to invest well in our bodies. Health is wealth, as what they say. A healthy one is ready to face life's daily challenges. We should take care of it. Leave behind the unhealthy habits. Start to make a lasting change, for a healthy lifestyle.

I'm no doctor nor fitness expert, but I want to take this road so that I can live longer for the people I love the most. And given that, I learned of essentials to keep track for a full well-being:

1. I should keep my faith strong and intact.
My spiritual health is important. It gives me a foundation for building habits and perspectives for health in any area. If I don't give attention to this, I'm most prone to go to my bad habits. I follow God. He wants me to honor my body. Therefore, I honor my body.

I have a body, but I'm far more than just a body. Every area of my life affects every other area. He designed my body. He knows best how my body was made to operate. He has the power to help me make changes I want to see and I need that for this.

This power comes from His wide, long, deep and high love for me. And that will work when I fill my mind with His Word, depend on His Spirit every moment, and trust Him in every circumstance.

2. I should keep watch with the food I eat.
Food is much more than a mealtime sustenance. It can make an impact not to personal health, but also to the people, the community, and even the environment. Food is medicine. It's the most powerful drug in the world. We can bite it either to kill or bring life to ourselves.

Real, whole food that comes from the earth heals. Industrial, processed food from factories harms. For a long time, we think of these processed foods as great and okay. But these were discovered to lead one to conditions like depression, obesity, and fatigue. It's not so great anymore.

The body needs to throw the junk away and take in the abundance. When we take in the abundance, we see life springing up in ourselves.

3. I should keep fitness part of the front line.
There's a recommended push to exercise. But no one does it. There are time conflicts and the urge to quit due to difficulty as some sentiments. But exercise helps one to be strong in all areas and directs him to a fulfilling life ahead.

We're designed to move. We're meant to be in action, not in stationary. With everything fast in our modern times, body movement has been slowly removed. Consequences of these include weak muscles, excess weight, aches & pains, and premature aging.

We shouldn't allow it to rob the joy exercise brings. Sadly, it's an antidepressant nobody uses regularly. But if one considers movement, there's life, happiness, energy, and as previously mentioned, abundance. It's time to be strong in all areas.

4. I should keep focus in all things I do.
I can live a healthy life and sabotage it along the way. The brain is one thing I should take care of. My mental health is vital for my overall health. It greatly influences decision-making and focus. I shouldn't consume anything that will damage it.

I need to boost my brain health so that I can boost all my efforts for a healthier life. I should manage stress, find time to relax, keep watch of my thoughts, keep watch with my attitude, and keep my motivation going.

It pays when your focus is lost. No good things can happen with that. At the end, it's up to you on where you want to direct yourself with.

5. I should keep myself around with my friends.
Everybody needs a buddy. And it works with health. We're not meant for a solo flight. We need one another.  In fact, unwavering, ever-flowing support is very much needed. A team can do so much in accomplishing fitness goals.

There's big power when you deeply feel the love and intimacy from the community. When two or three learn, love, listen and liberate each other, there's a sure increase of each one's potential in every area of life.

With all the points I've learned from here, I can see that being health-conscious involves holistic care. Everything is interconnected with one another. And when we take this pursuit to heart, we see the beauty of living long. There's more to life than just living until we're called to our promised eternal home.

That's intense healthy living right there. If an intense individual can live by that, how much more for a community? With a community fueled by taking this goal seriously, they inspire those who want to take the same as well. And they continue to do so. They also make an influence to others beyond their circle to do the same. They have a learner attitude and impose discipline when they need to.

Living the lifestyle takes a little step. It also takes motivation. In the want for change, we bring in the good of what we have to make these healthy choices. It's always progress. From there, we run our race. We remove the things that hold us back. Habits may be hard to break, but it's possible to do so. These essentials help in the way to this lifetime health commitment.

And not to forget, there should be rest every after fitness goal. We need to talk to ourselves. We need to talk to our body, soul, and spirit to check if it's in good condition. Let not the spirit be injured. Be mindful in the world of noise. Let the heart be empty of clutter. We need rest for the needed strength to work for the next day.

I look forward to a day wherein all of us taking this course seriously have old habits removed and new stories to tell. All our lives would be adventures powered by faith, hope, and love. It's going to be a fulfilling life of maximized potential ahead for this. And I want to take part of this.