Initiation Connection

We're human beings. We're designed in the context of relationships. And no journey is done alone. I certainly believe in that. The great individuals and heroes of our time certainly didn't become what they have become if it weren't for the support of their buddies and companions.

And we always encounter this every day. It's important to create them with great care. Good, quality relationships keep us happier and healthier.

We don't need to be a great person to have good relationships. We can be as ordinary as we are. We need others to pursue our goals and plans, for we need to finish strong in this life we're living.

I learned of the different indispensable people you should have to keep up with life's journey. And here are they:

1. You need someone who gives you doses of encouragement.
We always face discouragement at a point in life. We all need to turn that upside down to keep on going. Encouragement puts heart to someone. It inspires with courage and hope. It heartens him of his positives, prompting it to bring more weight than the negatives. 

2. You need someone ready to point out any faults he sees in you.
We need those who help us open our eyes. They tell us to stop when it's getting wrong. We may sense them as intruders, but they help us do good. They're like surgeons with scalpels in their hands. They get under our skins, ask questions, and tell the truth. But all of these are done in love. They're gifts to us in looking inside ourselves.

3. You need someone who mentors you in the walk of life.
We may think we know it all, but we actually don't. This is where we need people who see us with different eyes. They courageously tell us your weaknesses, and they do this out of care. No matter how expert we are, we still need a mentor. Because the moment we stop having one, we stop learning. We need one who's honest, humble and honorable. As apprentices, we're to be available and teachable. Having these can create a solid, growing, deep relationship with each other.

4. You need someone who's willing to be your true friend.
A true friend is hard to find, yet we need them. He's what we call our "second self". He's one with you in heart and spirit. He keeps a covenant with you to be that kind of friend. It's more than a vow, as he'll be that way with you no matter what happens. Though friends come and go, this true friend will always be there for you.

5. You need someone who you can be a parent with.
You'll leave a legacy in your life. You need to pass it on to someone to continue what you started. You need to look for one whom others see as an "outsider", but whom you see as someone who can contribute something significant. It takes presence, patience, passing on, prayers, and perseverance to guide this individual into what he can be. Your leading example is of great importance.

6. You need someone who's got your back.
You need someone who watches out for you. You need someone who's by your side. He's usually one closest to you. He's a protector. He gets you in the back. He fights with you in the forefront at times but wishes you well at a distance. You can be that one, too. It's not only for those you know but also for those you don't know and for the next generation of people to come.

7. You need the little ones full of fun and play.
We're in great fascination when we see kids. They remind us of blissful moments and a carefree disposition. It's good to connect with them as much as we can. They keep us young. They remind us to be humble. They keep us alive. And most of all, they remind us that we have the responsibility of imparting them as they will someday take our place.

8. You need those you don't want to be friends with.
It's funny but it serves a purpose. There are people who may be misplaced, disgraced, isolated, and/or ashamed. But when we give compassion, who knows their lives will change and start a turning point from there. It would be difficult at first. But if we learn to be open to them, we can see them as people of value in spite of the bleak.

9. You need an advocate to stand alongside with.
He can live in you. When He resides in you, you begin to have life and peace. You respond to circumstances with confidence, humility, and courage. And you start to grow with positive virtues- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. He's a great companion to us, and He makes intercession possible.

These connections I've learned are basic but essential. It's a balance of dealing people of all colors. We really do need them. I've learned that when it comes to interacting with people, we don't use them. We treasure them and build solid relationships with them. By doing this, we show how much we care about them. When they feel this, they can influence a lot of bodies. It's all driven by the fact that everybody wants to be somebody. And they can be somebody when somebody understands and believes them.

But there are people who fail to understand others. Sometimes, they get fearful. They could get self-centered. They fail to appreciate differences. Or they fail to acknowledge similarities. This causes the misunderstandings and conflicts we see to happen. If we truly understand the fact about others as mentioned and learn to understand them, we can spark out the strong, positive connections we have in life.

With all given opportunities, we can be one of the essential connections a person currently needs. What I've learned from here is that it involves touching the heart first before asking them for a hand. It's also giving them a chance to listen to them with open ears. Most importantly, it's being a person of integrity. It keeps us strong character, leading to strong influence and impact on others. So let's go win in life making the connections we truly need.