Single Status Mission

It's a gift when you can open your eyes to a new day. It's something to cherish. You don't know when your time in life is up. That's why you have to make the most of your time while you're still alive. Seize every moment.

Another year has been added to take that opportunity. It's the opportunity to fulfill your purpose in order to make this world a better place to live in. This is the mission. And it will always be central as we go through life. It matters above all else.

With this given sense of calling, we involve ourselves with the world. We use whatever gifts we have to the fullest to accomplish the mission. And successfully completing it won't be easy. There are ups and downs we need to overcome in life in order to keep on going. 

If there are things I have learned so far in terms of fulfilling the mission, here are these ones:

1. The journey continues on to those who are still standing.
Those who are still up running in the race of life continue to build their strength time by time. We have the mission because we started a vision. It's where we decided to embark on a journey. To make the vision happen, we walk along with faith and courage. Add love from the heart, and we find ourselves living with genuine spirits.

2. We need to learn to openly embrace life's storms.
We can be hesitant to accept them because of fear. It's normal to feel that, but we need to handle it well. If we're too comfortable on not taking flight, we'd never know how our life can be lead to our purpose. We need to sail on with these ones. They can either correct, perfect or reproduce us. They can help us strengthen character.

3. We can achieve anything in spite of our limitations.
Each person has his flaws. We can either accept and go on living with them or use them as a tool to reach our maximum potential. Who knows, we can reach out to those who are facing a situation similar to us. There's beauty coming from a negative to create an amazingly made finished product.

4. Our legacy will be a concern at a part of our lives.
Each of us has to leave a legacy to the world. Our legacy is our lives. People will look at us on how we live. The fact is we'll be remembered for something. And our lives will speak in our memorials. Our lives will be the mark we leave.

5. The mission will always be first in mind. 
Since we're living our lives for Christ, we're committed to the mission. Wherever we go is our mission field. There are larger goals to achieve and bigger fights to take in. All we have is from Him, and it's time to give back by fulfilling the mission.

As I welcome another year in my life, I'll always be thankful to those who have been with me in the journey by far. First, I thank God for His love, faithfulness, mercy, and grace every day. In spite of all my faults and shortcomings, I know that He continues to love me, accept me and use me mightily for a higher purpose. I'll always be a work in progress, and I know He'll be with me always to help me finish the work started.

Second, I thank my family for the love, care, rebuke, guidance, encouragement, and support. I'll forever be grateful to them for being there through thick and thin, for being trustful and reliable in anything, and for continuing to help me become the individual I'm meant to be. In return, I'll give back everything you've given me. I'll always be there when you need anything. It's an assurance.

And lastly, I thank my friends for always being a friend. The warm smiles and casual talks are enough to give back good vibes to keep on living life in spite of the difficulty. To those who take the extra mile, the trust, loyalty, and brotherly love will always be cherished. Here's to more stories and adventures ahead as we solidify our connections.

As I celebrate another year, I'm pretty sure I'll be asked about my love life. I don't have as of the moment, but I'm happy. I know of friends who are with their significant others, but I don't mind. I'm happy for them. And I know mine will come at the right time. There's no need to rush. There'll come a time where I'll be fully ready in entering it.

It's a great feeling to fall in love, no question about that. It should be at the right place and at the right time. And when I pick my partner, she should also be on the mission. She may have the charm, the intellect, the athletic prowess, or the finances. But with a heart that loves God in everything, that keeps her attractive. It's big plus points there.

And having a partner on a mission has its good things. Since both of us are aligned to the calling, we can help together on how to complete each other's assignments. After all, the grand prize is where we need to get our eyes fixed with. Since we both aim to do a well-done job in fulfilling the mission, there are two good things. We have our ferocious God-given desires rising, and also we can enjoy the kind of true love He ordained it to be.

While I'm still single in status, I'm preparing myself to be the right person in all areas of my life. So when the time comes, I can give my very best for my future spouse. All that matters now is making the most of what I currently have to complete the mission in the love and service of my Commander. And I'll faithfully accomplish it.


  1. Wow Earl! I wish your future spouse could read this. You are good guy with a big heart. Continue serving the Lord.


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