Top Climb

We all want to get there.  We dream of becoming one of the great achievers the world has seen. And we want those dreams to come to reality.

So we try imitating them, hoping to have the same achievements as them. But can this make us become the person we're meant to be?

What about working hard all the way to reach our desired goal and ending there? Can it give us a satisfaction of a fulfilling life? If the answers are "No", then there should be a change of perspective.

I'm talking about success. And I've learned that the right way to view success is knowing your life purposegrowing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others. From here, we can see that it's a view of a journey, not a destination. It's a journey of continuously growing to become better each day. That pursuit can lead to a sense of fulfillment in himself. 

The definition changed the way I look at it. It makes sense why the successful people we know now are great examples to follow on. Seeing it that way shows that we have the potential to become a success today. It's something we are right now, and will still be in the future.

For every success story I know by far, I see three things that propel the individual to reach the success he desires. And here are these ones:

1. Failure
Expect failure along the way. It's not an enemy, but a friend. It's a process we go through until we get things right. If we want to fulfill our dreams, fearlessness and persistence are needed. As long as we don't let them get us down, it can be a step to success.

2. Character
Character matters in everything. Crisis doesn't necessarily make our character. But it can reveal our character. A weak character, when tagged with success, has a chance of falling apart. With this, every call for character change shouldn't be left ignored. It's time to rebuild ourselves once we see our character cracks.

3. Tenacity
When the going keeps tough, we keep on going. We give all that we have. We work hard, work smart, and won't stop until the job is done. The key is holding on. And when we continue to do that, we can achieve the impossible.

I believe that it's never too late to start being successful. And I've learned of essentials on how we can mold that kind of attitude to ourselves. Here are these ones:

1. Learn to lead yourself exceptionally well.
No success can be achieved if there's no strong foundation for self-management. There are areas to keep watch of: emotionstimeprioritiesenergythinkingwords, and personal life. Learning to manage them increases the chances of quality living, which can bring an impact on others.

2. Learn to work with people well.
We can lift people up or tear people down. We can lighten others' burdens or make them even heavier. We can help others succeed or take them down as low as we can, as often as we can. Who we choose to be will determine the future of our success.

3. Take your level of competence as far as you can.
A highly competent person is well-admired. He shows up every day, ready to fuel his work with excellence and follow through with going the extra mile. He also seeks ways to improve himself. He does this to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

4. Continue to learn in order for you to continue growing.
Our growth determines who we are. We should continue to grow after every success. Learn new things. Be teachable to anything. Remove any hindrances to growth, like pride. Doing so will increase our areas of strength in terms of skills and abilities.

These essentials I've learned are from a leadership perspective, as it worked for top company leaders. But I strongly believe it works for all, as it helps one as he faces life. As the level of success obtained increases, the challenges to overcome along the way increase as well.

The question is: Do we seek to continue the journey further? Are we willing to take the tough jobs? Are we willing to pay all that's due to get where we want to reach? Are we willing to put ourselves on the line for the desired goal? Are we going to keep our good character strong and intact in spite of any circumstance that comes along the way?

As I put on these thoughts on success, I know for a fact that my road to success will be unique to others. I want to flow along with how it's going to be. With the given twists and turns, I know I can overcome them as long as I have the will and the heart in place. And once I gain my success, I have to be careful on handling it. It could either eat you to your unwanted downfall or fuel you to your continuing life impact.

I agree that the key to dealing with success is having the heart of humility. We wouldn't be where we are now if it weren't for the challenges, difficulties, and struggles we have to overcome. It would be a big slap in the face if we become ingrate to them. If we do that and take too much comfort in resting on our laurels, the beginning of the end will happen.

It's a character that's highly admired by anyone. It keeps us grounded as human beings. Who knows, we can be an inspiration to those who want to go to the road of their own success and make a mark in their own right. It strikes for big shoes to fill when we become the influence to an aspiring individual. So for this new mindset, I'm ready to walk on and see the interesting and exciting journey ahead.