Team United

"You're not alone. We're here with you."
"No man is an island."
"We're all in this together."
"No one gets left behind."
"Two heads are better than one."

It's common to hear these. And it's indeed true. We all need one another. No achievement has been made without the help of others. Even the world's renowned individuals gave significance to a team.

Individuals play the game, but teams win championships. Together, we can achieve more. But not all people like the idea of working together. Some prefer to be the lone ranger. Why is it so? It could be ego, insecurity, naivete, or simply temperament.

Whatever reason it could be, it's time to change the game plan. It's time to link up with one another. That's how to make life work. If we make ourselves our own team, then the game's over.

There are good things that come out of a support team. They help you keep on going in life. Each one puts others first before himself, and it inspires us. As a tribute, we bring it back to them when they're in need. As the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates. Great teams do that, and that's how they stay strong and last long.

I'm fortunate to be able to see and be part of teams like that. And with that, I have here a list of my ideal picture of a dream team that stands out:
  • They place a high value on their fellow buddies.
  • They love, care, learn, understand, and respect one another.
  • They believe in the best in each other.
  • They build each other to win in life.
  • They set their personal interests aside for their buddy to be helped at.
  • They create positive energy.
    (In the midst of healthy competition, it's all for camaraderie.) 
  • They continue to grow and partner together.
  • They protect one another from any harm.
  • They know where they're standing together.
  • They keep making the bond between each other better.
How I wish all teams are like that. Anyone in there would be as fortunate as any blessed person in the world. He can have high levels of well-being. He can be strong in all areas- mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. And he can be effective in life's run. It goes to show how awesome his buddies are.

If there are things I can see so far in terms of teamwork, here are these ones:

1. Each team is unique.
Each team has its own journey, a story in the making. Added to that are different colors of personalities that make up the group. It's given that the team goes through ups and downs. How the team will unfold from there will make the story interesting.

But no matter how long and difficult the road may be, the one thing that keeps the team standing is cooperation. It's now up to the members if they want to manifest it in order to last long.

2. Everyone in the team is critical.
Whether you're a team player or a team leader, your team role will determine the team standing. You can either be the team's blessing or hindrance. We all have a dream team, like the one listed above. But not all get to experience that.

There are those who cause conflict to the team. It's up to the members if they want to keep the team intact or allow the conflict to ruin the team.

3. Teams are the little pieces that make a community.
The journey of life is never meant to be a solo flight. We all have different teams to work with- be it home, school, workplace, business, or church. They can learn from one another and work together to help solve life's problems. And most importantly, they exhibit a two-way relationship of love, peace, and harmony.

As much as possible, we don't want to be a burden in putting down all efforts done to forward the team. Life itself is hard. Why make it even harder? We should remove any hindrance, internal or external, that destroys the team. We'd regret in the end when we don't.

4. Strong teams are made from strong influences.
Team players and leaders who give their heart and effort to keep the vision of the team going make this happen. They become an inspiration to others who want to walk the same path as them. It's a guarantee that those who got that inspiration will carry on and then pass it on to the next ones.

They are selfless, strong-willed and passionate. They do everything to keep the team standing. They take courage in leading the journey no matter what road comes along the way. And they become high-value contributors by always striving to be at their best.

With all the teams in life I had been with, my hand salute always goes to these strong team players and team leaders. Thank you for the encouragement, support, friendship, inspiration, and everything that keeps the team going. In your winning leading example, you have been the most valuable contribution the team has ever seen. And most importantly, thank you for the loyalty and service. I certainly learned a lot from all of you.

Continue to keep the fire burning. And be strong of heart always. Be the individual you're meant to be in constructive and destructive feedback. Keep the persistence and perseverance. For one day, you'll look back and see to yourself that you've made lots of wonders to the ones around you.

No team is perfect, but it always strives to be the best it can be. I'm certain that all teams make an effort to form a good fit in each of the members. It's good, as long as they know what's important. That fuels them to keep on going.

For those about to make a team, it's time to take a leading change. For those who are to join a team, I hope this helps you understand a team's importance. So it's time to join forces and unite together.