Days of Life

It's that time of the year again. Decorations are around the corner. Songs and carols can be heard anywhere you go. Gifts are around even before the special day. Parties are organized here are there. And a lot of people are at the malls shopping for items available while on the season.

Time really flies so fast. All year round, we fulfill our main responsibilities in life, make ourselves relevant to the world's happenings, and celebrate our friends' life moments. And as we do these, it would be for us to realize that another year is about to end.

It's typical to have year-end evaluations. I do that at times. I look back at what went well and what didn't. I look on what to improve to make those that didn't went well work well. And the cycle repeats. I think of life quality as I look back. How do you live life in a way that you don't miss out the things set for you on the road ahead? With the life you live, how can you make an impact?

Thinking back to what has happened through the year, I think of constants in life we need to deal with. And I see three of them here:

1. Growth
We encounter experiences that can change our heart, exchanges that can change our mind, and environments that can change our actions. We can stay where we are or continue building ourselves to our maximum potential.

I heard of a line from a movie that goes, "Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong. You belong where you believe you belong. Where is that for you?” At times, growing involves risking our comfort zones. It's up to us if we choose to stay in there or step out.

Growth is a friend to help you win in life if you choose it. Who knows, we'll reach the end and realize that the outcome's better than what we initially perceive.

2. Pain
Trials and difficulties are part of life, and pain is given. We can use it to get all the pity the world can give us or to inspire the world with a story of strength and triumph.

If we choose the former, we keep telling the same sad small story and then ending up living the same sad small life, as a quote says. However, if we choose the latter, we see a purpose, and eventually significance, out of the pain. It's up to us on how we deal with it.

3. Change
It's easy to accept a successful career, a highly comfortable way of living, or a blossoming love life. But it's hard to accept a blended family setup, battle with sickness, or death of a loved one. Change is inevitable, even if we don't like it. It's up to us on how we accept it.

I learned that in going through changes, the right question to ask is not "Why?" but "What can I learn from it?" You can't control the situation but you can control your attitude and actions. With these changes comes an assurance that things will be alright. We can still live normally in spite of them.

I also think of drivers that push us to become better individuals in life. And I see two of them here:

1. Humor
I would have to say that life's not at all times serious. At times, it's fun. We always have an option to be happy in response to the challenges we're facing. Happiness lightens up the individual holistically and brings positive vibes to others when spread.

Humor will always play a big role in life. Learning to build on it develops strength and confidence. It can bring out the optimistic attitude in us. It's a choice I fully believe most people will prefer, as life's too short to be bitter.

2. Good nature
Every circumstance we face pushes us to become good, better and best. By becoming good, we become the kind-hearted, down-to-earth, individual out of them. By becoming better, we learn more about playing the game of life well. By becoming best, you become a hero to someone. I can see that life requires us to be that way.

We can see what happens we do otherwise. The world needs hope and inspiration every day to stand life's difficulties and challenges.

I also think that all of the happenings of life are shaped by one influencing factor: choice. The choices of our actions and decisions direct how our future will be. We all have a share of good and bad choices. But in spite of what happened, the only way to go is reconciling them, moving forward, and making the most of the remaining time to live life at best and at fullest.

As time passes, I think of my life standing. It's far from perfect, but it seeks to be the best it can be. I want to spend every single day waking up each morning with a positive outlook and being my true self to become a good influence to others.

And most importantly, I want to keep a thankful heart. We tend to focus on what we don't have. But if we focus on our blessings than our wants, we become happier. I want to be thankful for everything I have. In good and bad circumstances, I want to do such. There's peace felt knowing that everything will work together to form a perfect, big picture of the life journey.

So I want to end the year by thanking the most valuable people in my life- family, friends, workmates, churchmates, and most especially God- for keeping this one worthwhile. It always goes like this every year. Given this, I strongly believe that every year will go well in spite of the circumstances. With the years to come, I want to live each day of life with that bright prospect.