New Page

It’s a new year. Either a new chapter begins, the current chapter is still in writing, or the current chapter is about to end. Whatever life phase we’re at, the story goes on as long as we’re still alive and kicking.

The book of our lives is filled with chapters that will create an interesting plot until our time here is finished. What makes it interesting are the easy and difficult moments. And we wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for the perseverance. We’ve become tough individuals as we keep going.

As I start a new year, I always think of change. I always strive to be the best person I can be so that I can be at my best in my individuality. And this endeavor is always a work in progress. I see my friends being success stories in their own right and continuing to do so because of their winning character. I’m sure they have the strongest support system to help them keep that attitude.

And as I evaluate my life, I see that I still have a long way to go to reach there. I have a lot of fixing and building to do. Thankfully, I’m always reminded of the words by a close friend. He told me to always be my true self in anything and to not be a people pleaser. He also told me that I’m going to be a pillar of my own right one day. These encouraging words propel me to keep moving forward, as I seek to make the most out of living.

If there are points in life I learned that I have lived by and choose to live by, here are these ones:

1. The roads in life to take are to be in the right direction.
Life is full of surprises. The moments in our lives come at their set timing. When tough situations pop up along the way, we deal them with the assurance of a happy ending that comes after.

In spite of the difficulty, life still has to be enjoyed. It’s like a dance performance. When you groove along to the different rhythms of the played tune, the end result is a wonderful masterpiece.

We can go against them, and we direct ourselves to a miserable life. I wouldn’t want to miss the best things in store for me if I do that. As I journey through life today, I don’t wish it to be easy. I wish it to be the most fulfilling it can be.    

2. We choose to be at our best in order to live for the people we love.
Life’s a repeated cycle of bringing out the positivity in us. We keep out drama & negativity, let go of what we can’t control, make right decisions, do the right actions, and most importantly, love. It’s how we keep on going.

And with life’s challenges given to us, we don’t want to make life even harder. Whatever issues we need to resolve, big or petty, we need to work on them. In spite of the difficulties experienced, all we seek is creating a life of beauty.

We all want to do this with our maximum potential. That’s why it’s always a high priority to take self-care. It’s a holistic effort to ensure we’re sound and prepared for anything that happens to us. When we do that, we can live longer to witness the life moments of our loved ones.

3. Life gives us continuous learning engagements.
Life doesn’t stop when we’ve reached our breakthrough. It goes on whatever phase we’re at. We learn not only from the experiences of others, but also from our own.

In life, there are mistakes and regrets. As human as we are, we commit them. What we can do is to learn from them and move on. Moving forward, we correct all we can and make the most of what’s ahead in living right.

Wisdom is the main key in learning life lessons. There’s more to life than what we know about it as we go by every year. One who’s wise enough to take heed of advice and instruction has a bigger chance of living a quality life.

As I look back this year, I’ll forever cherish the good times. I accept as part of my life the bad times. I put in harmony all the things that happened to me so far. I'm sure enough that from all of these will come a beautiful story with an assured beautiful ending at the end of my life's book page.

The story goes on as of today. And there’s a life ahead where a destiny of greatness awaits, only when I choose it. I want to see my life where I get to fulfill my dreams, do what I love doing, and help in my own way to make the world a better place. So with that aspiration at heart, I choose to leave what's behind, move forward to open new doors along the way and make every moment count.

And when I do these, I shouldn't forget to keep a happy disposition. Every day we wake up is an opportunity to practice gratitude, make friends & invest in our relationships, become stress-resilient, take care of our well-being, commit to our intrinsic goals, and enjoy life's pleasures to the fullest. It's a lifelong commitment I should make as it can help me see life at a brighter side in spite of the difficulties and realities.

I also shouldn't forget to fight the good fight. Every day is a battle I have to fight victoriously. When enemies try to take me down, I get back up, fight them well, and keep moving forward. I do this for the people I love and value the most. So for this year and for those to come, I look forward to a continuous journey in a full-blown ride.