Seeker Pursuit

As life continuously progresses in advancement, so does its complexity. In the midst of it, I believe in a God who stays the same through all times. He holds everything according to His will and purpose.

I believe that the faith won't die out as time goes by. With this, I should continue to keep it burning. And I can't be just contented in going through the motions, knowing that the world needs hope with all the problems faced.

When others get attracted by the godly life I lead by example, I can seize the opportunity to share them the Good News of His love. In order for this to happen, I should start with myself. I should embody the identity of a Christ-follower. And when I do, I can show them that He's alive and real.

For this to work, one of the ways is taking care of my heart. It's the most important part of my being. It also speaks much of myself. Whatever things that fill it can direct all of me in my thoughts, words, and actions. So I should keep watch of what I take in.

If I want to have the best heart for Him, I should declutter all things that try to ruin it and plant in it these following virtues:

1. A God-seeking heart
I desire to taste His ever-satisfying presence anytime, any day. Since I choose to follow Him, it's right enough to keep this longing. I don't want this to die out. I want to let Him know that He's always welcome in my life.

2. A surrendered heart
There are things that have taken or are trying to take His place. I have to give them up in order for Him to take over. It's hard, but there's life when I do it. I start to see that He's my most valuable treasure and my King I'd gladly lay my life on.

3. A selfless heart
Sometimes, my self-life keeps me from doing so. I have to invite the cross to do its deadly work within me. Dying to self is not fun. I'll feel pain, but it would set me free. It can give me the heart that eagers to come boldly to His presence.

4. A pure heart
I'm convinced that He's real because of my personal experience with Him. That's why I make sure that all of me is ready to sense His presence. With that, I can be focused on Him and be sensitive to the spiritual things I'll be given.

5. A receptive heart
It's a good thing to know that He's near to me everywhere I go. How can I try to hide from Him?  I can draw near to Him at all times. And by doing that, I get to know Him closely and understand Him more deeply. This is a connection worth building.

6. An attentive heart
There are times where unexplainable experiences are encountered. They can be explained thoroughly with science, but what if it's His hand working on them? In that case, it's Him speaking. I should listen and be attentive to His voice so that I can know what He says.

7. A faithful heart
By faith, it's believing. But it's more than that. It's directing the heart's attention to Him and looking out to behold Him in His majesty and splendor. I have to build on this foundation in order for God-loving habits like Bible reading, praying, and Christ-followers fellowship to radiate more.

8. An honoring heart
The walk we have with Him now shows how He wants to re-establish the relationship that was broken in the garden. And I know my place. I give Him all the honors He's due in everything. It's where I see the very essence of what it means to live for Him.

9. A meek heart
With what the world brings today, I can be prone to three deadly burdens: pride, pretense, and artificiality. The only way to cure them is meekness. In meekness, I seek to forget myself in order to find rest that leads to peace. I find the best value in Him.

10. A loving heart
I should manifest this kind of love every single day. Whether it's a rest day or a work day, every single time of the day is devoted to worshipping, honoring, and standing in awe of His holiness. It's where authentic love flows to create a sincere heart out of me.

As I think of these kinds of hearts, I think of strong passion. It's a kind of passion that can inspire and ignite one to have it. If I want the best in my relationship with Him, I should give all of me to build an intimacy with Him. It's how spiritual living should be.

This makes me think of how this kind of desire slowly fades through the passing of time. There are a lot of distractions that try to hinder one in this pursuit most especially at this time. I think of how the sinful nature has corrupted the heart of man since it has resided in him. It has given the same problems mankind faces even until today.

And when one feels an emptiness that can't be filled by anything the world gives, it can be fully filled by his Creator. He couldn't feel more satisfied when he finds rest in the One who calls him to Himself. In Him, he can be complete, not lacking anything.

It's tough and critical these days to keep the faith alive. But I believe that no difficulty is hard enough for Him to accomplish this endeavor. I should have that blazing fire for Him so that I can point them to the One who gives true hope, love, and peace. And it's my hope and prayer that I can live out this kind of life. It's my contribution for His glory to shine for all to see.