Foundation Build

As I look at today's times, I think of the value of character and if it still matters. It seems like the commitment to this is weak. In the midst of difficulty, people are placing it in the back seat instead of letting it shine in true and raw form.

There's no sense of conviction between right and wrong. It's anything that goes. And I fear that having this mindset can lead one to consequences contrary to what he expects, and it feels bad. If that's the case, then it's time for a step up.

So what's character about? Why do we need to build character? What makes a person with a strong character? What good can we find in it? And how can we develop it? 

A person's character is the fruit that grows as a result of his response to the circumstances surrounding him. It's the foundation of his individuality. It influences the perspective. It influences the choices, which then influences his life's run. It also speaks much of himself. And he who has a strong and appealing character and learns to take care of it is highly valued and greatly commended.

If we want to have that, how can we build it? Here are my ways I can give in order to do such:

1. Remind yourself always of the purpose of your pursuit.
Why do we want to build a strong character? Perhaps these are the reasons:
  • We want to handle any distractions that come our way.
  • We want to deal problems well and resolve them appropriately.
  • We want to keep going when the going gets tough.
  • We want to stand strong in life.
If these are what we want to achieve, then let's build on them. We can add more to this list. The important thing is we make these why we do what we do. We all want to win in life, don't we?

2. Learn the essentials of building strong character.
As far as I see with people I know who have strong character, these are the traits I can point out:
  • He controls his emotions in a situation and uses reason as much as possible to deal with it.
  • He appreciates the values and principles he has built through his lifetime.
  • He knows how to deal with the different colors of personalities surrounding him.
  • He seeks peace and pursues it earnestly.
  • He's confident to face anything that comes his way.
  • He's brave enough to take risks.
  • He knows how to dwell on the positives than the negatives.
  • He knows how to admit his mistakes, shortcomings, and weaknesses.
  • He exercises self-control.
  • He knows how to empathize others and love them as he loves himself.
I'm sure we can add more to this list. If we take time to build them, we can see ourselves progressing slowly but surely to become better and stronger individuals. It's a fulfilling feeling. We just have to trust the process, as they say.

3. Keep the strong character going.
In life, we always go through this repeated process: being imparted with the learnings and imparting them to others. And it's a challenge either way. We can't be complacent when we build character. And we have to walk the talk when we teach character, as there are people who look up to us. This challenge comes with great power and responsibility.

There are temptations, struggles, and difficulties trying to break and ruin us. But if we're determined to build strong character, nothing can try to stop us from doing such.

From this pursuit, we keep on building it. We keep on mastering those we've mastered. We correct those needed to be corrected. We add new learnings to what you've learned. And we never stop learning to be better.

As I write this, I think of people caught in a scandal- whether it be adultery, fraud, theft, substance abuse, or sexual abuse. It's easy to pass judgment on them, but we don't know their backstory. I'm sure enough that a pain or a struggle has hit them, which caused their involvement. Whatever that is, it's an opportunity to reach out to them and help them get back up.

I see them as individuals with lights that shine brightly and uniquely but are covered in darkness. They deserve compassion, mercy, and a second chance. Who knows, they will become the next world-changers in the future. And it all starts with that kind act.

Let's befriend them. Let's help them deal with the disciplinary actions they need to take and the second chances they shouldn't waste. Let's assure them of sunshine after the storm. Let's help them get back on their feet, rebuild the foundations of their character, and come out better, stronger and wiser. Let's respect their eagerness and determination to bounce back. It will help them become more willing to start his life anew.

After their self-restoration and self-redemption, let's continue to take part in their life journey. Let's continue to be with them and defend them for anything. We've played a very important role at a point in their lives. And sure enough, they're going to turn to us for anything we can help them. It's how we can pass on the strength we have to them so that they can build themselves to also be strong people.

With how life goes for us, our character is what we need to take care of. It's a central part of our lives. It's one of the most valuable treasures no one can take away from us. We build our foundations of it from our support system to keep it strong, and also we help build the foundations of it of others for the same. It's my hope that we can produce winning characters to form winning lives.