Soul Stream

In this digital age, it can be tough these days to walk by the Spirit and grow spiritual muscle in the attitude of a bodybuilder. But if we want to let our faith stand the test of time, we’ll do everything to achieve this.

Even in these times, I still believe in the power of personal and communal efforts to be spiritually strong like Bible reading, prayer, personal talks with God, meeting up with fellow believers, and ministry work.

It's amazing to know that the Word will always stand no matter what happens. It'll find a way for it to be known by all man. And with what we currently have, we can seize a lot of opportunities to share the faith with a bigger audience every day.

I know of great people in my circle of friends who stand out anywhere they go. They have a high attracting power of influencing others in what they do. They have this something in them that makes them that way, and they shine in the best that they are. And as Christ-followers, we have that capacity. It's a matter of having the motivation in order to attain this pursuit.

If there are a list of ways I can give to do such, here are those I see in these points:

1. Keep the heart glowing.
The heart that glows is one that is submissive to God's will. It makes itself become teachable. It desires to help others. It doesn't take offenses easily. It freely admits flaws, mistakes, and failures. It drives to be thankful always. It seeks not to be wise in its own eyes. And it lives a servant's heart. When summed up into one word, it's humility.

It's an endearing trait every person loves. It keeps us grounded as human beings. And it's a powerful trait everyone can and want to have.

2. Keep the mind sound.
The sound mind thinks of the truth. It thinks of what's honorable. It thinks of what conforms to God's standards. It thinks of what's holy. It thinks of things that attract love towards. It thinks of those that build up, not tear down. It thinks of those of moral virtue. And it thinks of those that He would approve. These all point to positive thinking.

We become down-to-earth when we think of things such as these. It goes to show that our thoughts do really matter. What we put into the mind determines what we get out, and these thoughts are surely what we'll become. 

3. Keep the spirit strong.
The strong spirit is one that isn't afraid to be weak, for in it comes God's strength to show on its behalf. It relies on His grace to be strong in His Spirit. It knows how to be confident in any fear, worry, or concern. It knows how to be persevering in any trial, challenge, or difficulty. It can conquer adversity. And it has faith to endure and hope for the future.

He who has this spirit makes himself an admirable feat. The courage and resilience he shows in all life problems he faces bring encouragement to others who are facing their own life battles to do the same. And that's a great contribution one can give.

4. Keep the soul beautiful.
The beautiful soul knows how to embody the likable traits developed. It wants to live life simply and naturally. It always seeks for peace. It finds a zest for every new day that comes. It wants to give a smile to the people in the surroundings. It wants to make the world a better place in ways it knows how. And it wants only nothing but the best in anything that comes its way.

It's a kind of soul that inspires. And this inspiration can lead one to become a channel of blessing anywhere he goes. And what great pleasure to have this opportunity.

5. Let the outer speak what's in the inner.
Let everything we display to others reflect who we truly are. Let this be the same bearing wherever we go. Let this never change as time goes by. Let this be done in genuineness and love. This points out to the purpose of our actions. Are we living out our faith to glorify God? Or are we living out our faith to seek the attention and recognition of others?

Carrying the virtue inside out is a trait that can make one last long in life. We can be something worth of value for anyone to rely on and for anything that happens.

Every person is unique. Each one has God-given skills, talents, and gifts to use to make that impact. If he refines them to further growth and uses them to ride on the winds of the times, that's where he can live. He can be a force that transforms, energizes or strongly destructs (for barriers that are holding one back). He seeks to give his all and doesn't waste all he's given. He does this out of compelling to the One and the first Infinite who inspires him to seek a life of righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.

If we can make that spark, we can live a powerful life will last a lifetime for others to witness. And what better time to start than now. There are people to reach out to who need our mercy, understanding, compassion, and encouragement to sail by this ever-challenging life. We have the opportunity to inspire a life and use that strong force to make a change and pass on the influence. We'll see each other streaming hope and beauty to the world for Him.