Living Worship

Worship. It's not just only in a church service. It's in anywhere we go. It goes beyond a song. It goes in whatever we do that brings us to give our best to Him.

And it makes sense. If worship involves giving honor and respect to the one we revere to, then we 're to be serious about living out our lives. Everything we do should point to worshiping Him. And when we live, the Spirit should be manifested in us inside out.

I'm made to worship. It's part of my DNA. This fact shapes my life purpose. And since I choose to follow God, I worship Him. When I do, I give value to how much He's worth to me. He's real to me. He shows His real power and speaks real words to me.

Just like a child, I choose to hunger for Him. I unite my heart, soul, mind, and strength for this pursuit. I direct everything to heaven, and I choose to be eager to find Him until I can meet Him. Then, I can join with my fellow Christ-followers in agreement and proximity to praise and worship Him together.

If the call to follow God involves a life of worship, then my life matters. It matters for these reasons:
  • My life is more permanent than my struggles.
  • God sees me differently than I see myself.
  • I have a destiny.
  • I am remembered, not forgotten.
  • I am Someone's first pick.
  • My absence would leave a permanent hole.
  • People need to see me overcome.
  • I am loved and valued.
With all that life gives me, I shouldn't give up. I should keep the running pace on. He allowed me to be born at this time. He allowed me to be alive today, and it's a precious gift. I should make use of it to create something that can bring the Kingdom further to where I am.

If I want my life to be a worship to Him, then these are the things I can do:

1. Bring the revival of the Glory of the Kingdom.
I'm a yielded vessel willing to devote myself to the gifts of the Spirit to build His Kingdom, not my own. As His co-laborer, I do my part in bringing heaven here on Earth. Therefore, I should clothe in His Glory and display it rightfully.

I do this by living in extreme obedience and passionate purity. It's tough at times. The idea is uncomfortable, leading me to settle with the familiar. But if I wish to accelerate the Glory, I have to take this. I remove every hint of darkness in me so that I can attract heaven to them. This makes me show them what it means to be a child of the King.

2. Activate the spiritual senses.
To be able to worship right, everything should be harmonized to have a mindset that's right. This means I have to keep my basic senses make the "spirit man" in me come alive. My ears should be open to the sounds of heaven. My sense of touch should be welcoming to His presence. My nose should be open to the fragrances and aromas from up above. My eyes should be open to the dreams and visions coming from Him. And my eyes should be open to the sweet taste of His goodness.

When I do these, I have a great ability of siding with the divine, heavenly forces for the great work. They made me answer the great life call, so I'm sure it works here. And as one of the sources of the true supernatural power, I should open it to all widely and take care of it.

3. Move every aspect of individuality forward.
Moving forward to the future involves leaving the past behind. It's at times hard but needed. When an opportunity for revolutionary change comes, it's about strength, perseverance, character, and resilience. When the fruits of labor sprout, humility is key. A truly humble person doesn't need any recognition. What matters most to him is loving God, following Him, and doing all he needs to do. I'm sure He'll be very pleased when we do this. It's a great way to honor Him.

I learned of one statement that struck me, "The world around you is not as important as the world inside you". It makes me see how the life in us matters a lot. The inner life in the heart keeps us going in times of ease and difficulty. It knows how to dream, achieve, and live. It sees life as a journey, not a routine. If an extraordinary life brought by a heavenly call is what's needed to be done, then the only direction is straight up.

4. Wear the weapons of inner virtue.
Every day, we face different kinds battles to fight victoriously. To overcome more effectively, I need my full armor at all times. In this armor, I tightly surround myself with truth and no other. I live righteously by walking in His ways. I seek peace in Him. I solidify my faith in Him. I always remind myself of all He has done for me. And I keep His Word planted in my mind and heart. 

With all these, I shouldn't forget the connection via prayer. It's where one can find strength and renewal to face another new day. A constant and frequent connection can lead one to live and fight better in life. And I believe that in all of these aspects, we make a great model of what it means to live a life of worship. It's a kind of life that can stand strong in any situation.

Having these learnings in mind makes me see how I shouldn't take for granted everything that God's doing in my life. He continually restores me to the person I'm meant to be before sin corrupted me.  And what grief for Him if I hinder His plans and waste His efforts, like going back to my old nature. Now I realize that following Him really is no turning back at all.

With all these, the true meaning of worship reminds me that I shouldn't only make a difference for Him, but also think of things coming from above. If I think that way, living will be different. I can accomplish more effectively in the mission I'm tasked to do. And I can be delighted in hoping for more greatness of the Kingdom to prosper. It's time to take this new angle of worship at hand.