Circle Turn

Everyone has the capacity to lead by influence. He doesn't need to be in the top level of an organization to do such.  He can be where he is, as long as he has the mindset of growing his potential.

This makes me think of how people can have this capacity. And it stems from the fact that we have the ability to live. We can lead when we live. We can fulfill the dreams we want to take. We can plan out the ideas we want to translate into reality. We can set the path we want to take in life.

Some have the talent. Some have the skill, in which they have the potential. It can be developed. It can be made as long as there's the will for it to happen. And I see this to be of great importance since we encounter people in any direction we go to. One man's needs can be met by a simple interaction. Add influence, and wonders are made.

I learned of three important principles in terms of influence. And I see them hand in hand, as they should work together in order for the impact to happen. So here are they:

1. Being a good influence means having right responses to challenges.
Making good influence means having the right disposition in every situation. In situations like balancing the many responsibilities assigned to you, leading a task with given restrictions, or dealing with difficult people, it's not easy to generate such.

Times like these are calls to lead exceptionally well. There's more to just doing the jobs right. It can go as taking the extra mile. Acts like lifting up a person, completing a role others unusually take or making long-term plans in a broader context for a future benefit can add value in order to create a great environmental impact, which will then add up to individual influence.

Having the right responses leads to right character. At the end of the day, it's what matters the most in spite of the accomplishments. It's the most honorable badge one can give to himself and others in the midst of life's negativity.

2. Being a good influence revolves the connections around us.
No sharing of influence is possible without the people we interact. It starts with taking an interest. Then, we get to know them. After that comes respecting them, adding value to them, affirming them as their best cheerleader, leading them, and helping them win. It has to be in that sequence. No effect sparks out when we take shortcuts or start in a different order.

As a good influencer, the most important value is being a friend. We can put competition in a proper place, avoid office politics or betrayal attempts, expand our circles of acquaintances, let best ideas win and not pretend to be someone we're not. But if we don't know how to listen, find common ground with each other, be available, bring out the best in each other and maintain a sense of humor, no friendships can be built.

Friendship is the foundation of influence. It's how the exchange of ideas, principles and other else go. It's also a stronghold for dark times that come a person's way.

3. Being a good influence has a part of passing on.
After much achievement and fulfillment in life and career, paying forward is a great opportunity to grab. We lead them well to the craft, transfer them the vision, and model them the behavior we desire. Then, we develop them to become better individuals. We place them in their strength zones. We believe in them as all-star pros in the field. Once all efforts have been made, we reward and credit them appropriately.

No influencer is perfect, but he always strives for best. He places great value on every level of responsibility. He's not afraid to take part in a team of influencers. He places a light on making an influence. And most importantly, he shows an example of leading himself well.

It shows through the virtues of adaptability, discernment, perspective, good communication, strong self-identity, humble servanthood, resourcefulness, maturity, endurance, and countability. It's a lot to pass on. It takes a lot of work, but it's worth the effort.

Looking at these points makes me believe that it's never too late to start an endeavor like this. We all want to be someone. It's a matter of working out the principles with the strengths and weaknesses we have. The road will be hard, but there will always be a part that's smooth. It's a result of hard work where all blood, sweat, and tears are paid off. The journey stops until our time here is finished.

I hope for the day when I can build relationships on trust. I can care about people as individuals. I can believe in them. I can value what others have to say. I can understand them from their point of view. I can help others become bigger. I can assist others through difficulties. I can initiative positive relationships. I can give them the power to lead.

Going the greater mile, I hope for the day when I can help them lead others. I can encourage them to share what I've taught to them. With the right way of communication, I can unleash the influencer in them. And when I reach this point, I'll continue on. There's more that can be done to create beautiful influence. When I get to see a day where I get to know that I've influenced somebody, it's enough fulfillment for me. Going beyond that is a bonus.

And at a bigger picture, I want to finish my work greatly. It's always great to start and end right. Great is the man who can do that. But with the imperfection of us, we can start badly. We can start good but end badly. This is why I find the end of utmost importance no matter how I start. It's difficult, but not impossible. It can be done.