Produce Cause

What if your life is this? You wake up every morning unleashing your energy, power, and excitement for your to-dos of the day. You can't wait to push your drive and commitment. Your eyes sparkle, and you embody yourself to be fully alive. You always feel inspired. You always have a clear vision of what you want to do.

With your continued burning desire, you've become a great achiever. You achieve what you want. And with that, you're a few steps away from becoming one of the future key leaders of this planet. Due to your great impact, you become an extraordinary producer. It has got you a fair share of others talking greatly about you, and others envying you. With what you've accomplished, you strongly want to pay it forward to those who want to follow in your path.

What a fulfilling, satisfying life. We all want to have that. Nothing can try to stop the fire that burns inside us. It strengthens the soul. It springs out enormous courage. It speaks of who we are and who we truly want to be. This boils down to one word- passion.

It has great power when gained, and also when lost. A lot of discouragement can do that. But luckily, the flame never dies entirely. We have our memories to remind us of that flame. And it can be rekindled when we start to pursue our passion.

Human beings are designed to be a balanced unity of mind, body, and spirit. It's where being sound comes to place. Passion comes from our spirit, soul, and heart. When that's added, he goes beyond sound in his normal routine. How life-changing can that be!

I was given the opportunity to re-learn about passion. And it's amazing to learn it in a different perspective. So I'm sharing here my take homes on learning about this:

1. Passion heats up when we have a zest for learning.
This takes me back to school days. We're meant to learn with great enthusiasm in our whole being for a lesson discussed. Instead, we find ourselves creating a perfect image of good grades in records so that we can get a decent job in the future. Now, I'm not saying it's bad. It's great to achieve academic excellence, but there should be more weight in learning.

The learnings are those that one will bring all his life. Put out the fire for learning, and he won't reach his personal maximum potential. When that happens, he introspects to ask himself what he really wants to do in life. He'll be lucky when he happily finds it. And when he does, he starts the journey. He takes the steps, willing to take all risks and go through mistakes in order to reach the dreams and aspirations he wishes to fulfill.

This makes me think of how mistakes can put passion down at times, most especially when it's brought as punishment rather than a stepping stone for learning. We're designed to learn only through trial and error as humans. We can be frustrated for the wrong committed, but we can still choose to encourage him to do better. The more mistakes, the more gain- if we learn from them. And I would love that kind of learning engagement. It's how to keep that passion burning.

2. Passion strengthens and pushes us to heights when we know ourselves.
I strongly believe we should take care and keep watch of our values. They're one of those that keep us unique. It gives us our color. When tended well, our passion lights up. We have a greater sense of ourselves, our self-worth, and our self-confidence. We're less fearful of being ourselves, less likely to seek approval, less fearful of being rejected, more able to risk the fear of rejection, and more likely to stand in truth.

Values are sometimes forgotten, most especially when we seek greater things for ourselves. It can change us for the worst when used wrongly. It will affect not only others but also ourselves. In that case, the true values we keep should be intact at all costs. This is why I push for regular self-knowing. We should know our values- those we need to be and those we need to remove. By that, we know what behaviors to change and maintain. It keeps us closer in touch with the real "us".

When values speak out, we can become valuable, productive, and effective whatever role we're at- workmate, classmate, churchmate, or family member. When the foundation is built up, it's easy to pass on the passion to those we've influenced. We can do so much as mentoring and guiding them in our own way. As long as we keep the momentum going, we impart remarkably.

3. Passion stems up with how we keep on going in life.
The pursuit of passion is never easy. There are difficulties and challenges that require a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be shed before we reach our desired aim.

I came across a familiar poem that reminded me to keep on fighting for the good in the midst of fulfilling, and eventually, living the dream. And it made me go touch base with reality. Sure enough, there are people who accuse us of selfish ulterior motive, bring us down with our big ideas, destroy the efforts we built for years, pretend to be true friends with our achieved success, or hurt us in their self-centeredness and unreasonable logic.

In spite of these, we continue what we do anyway. We continue to love, to build, to succeed, to do good, to help, and to give the world the best we've got. For all the pain and risks, pleasure and reward will surely follow.

I'm sure that with all we've produced with whole heart and effort, it'll be all worth it as we started with a worthy cause. And with what we've become, we've created the life within. Nothing or no one in this world can't take that away from us. Every morning we wake up to will always be different, because it stays with us. The field of expertise we have becomes our fuel to what the future will bring. We all have a choice. And the choice can be right now.