Devotion Fruit

There will always be a day where you commemorate and remember the purpose of entering the mission you're currently in. Regardless of the length of service, it's how much we can go the distance of doing the work in full commitment and excellence. We run for a heavenly prize set ahead. 

Part of the responsibility is maintaining, or even building further, the foundation set by those who came before us. They've set such a great example, in that we don't want to see their efforts put to waste.

I can have my God-given talents and skills to use for this purpose. But if I don't set my heart right with Him, everything follows. I'll be using my resources wrongly, and I become a key point of a downward spiral. Worst case, the next generation will likely follow that example. And that's what I fear most. I don't want that to happen.

When I think of people who haven't finished strong in the task given to them, I'm reminded of how a strong connection with God really matters. We're prone to fall down in the middle of the road, and there's a tendency to forget Him. Ignoring His nudgings, not inscribing to heart His words, putting to lost memory His promises, and not taking serious action in this deadly slow fade puts a sure kill in the individual testimony. What you do can affect the people around you, even in the future generations. It's also where bringing His glory to the ends of the earth is at stake.

I also think of how the greatness of quality of life depends on the actions and choices we make. The greater want for greatness, the greater the requirement. The greater the build, the greater the expectation when reaching a level higher. This calls for strategizing winning plans and keeping a winning mindset to achieve this. But the important thing is we fulfill what's asked of us no matter how big the task is given.

With what I've come this far, I should carry on and continue to walk on. These are a few things I should bring on in mind.

1. Faithfulness should continue to thrive within.
The consistency, dependability, reliability, and responsibility made out of us should remain. It's a highly commended virtue that needs to be solidified. I should be a good steward of everything I'm accountable to. And it should be kept in continuity with the difficulties I'll be facing as I go along. There's discipline to take in. No matter how unpleasant and painful it is, there's a fruitful harvest that awaits the heart that learns to endure and flow in the process.

He'll be more pleased when I maintain this in the long run. It helps me become more like Him. I may lose heart for not getting awards or recognition for my contributions to the heavenly work. But as long as I know His mark of approval of all that I do, I'll be more than satisfied. There are greater things to be done along the way, but I know He'll be there always.

2. An open heart should radiate in spite of the pain.
Out of the work produced by faithfulness comes fruits of love and generosity. And as we journey on, there'll be times of pain. The heart can be wrung and possibly broken. We can be hard, bitter or cold towards the situations that sadden us or make us cry. But this doesn't mean we do other people wrong because we were done wrong. As human as we are, we break and make mistakes. What we can do is to take whatever life throws at us and learn from it.

The only remedy is to fill up more love and joy. It's sometimes difficult. But knowing the affirmative side the hardships bring, we become better eventually. There's nothing more beautiful and remarkable than a heart of selflessness and service. It's a heart that amazes and touches. Everyone admires a person with a heart such as this. But it's such treasure when He also admires it.

3. A set direction is needed to fulfill the life purpose.
An old adage goes, "The best of men are but men at their best." This speaks to us, where we have our share of high and low times. The heart gets heavy, the body gets weary, and the soul gets down. But we know that in every trial faced, He is all we need. He has all we need to keep going forward. When He's in command, there's hope in the midst of it. 

To always be at best for Him, we should live holy lives with Him as our example. Living such means leaving every entanglement of sin behind and focusing on the race in front of us. We don't want to turn our lives from a leading change for His kingdom to a stock of heaps in ruin.  As one being bought with a price, we shouldn't turn back to the darkness we choose to leave. If it comes to distract us, we kill them by all means. If we maintain this well, we keep the clear direction we choose to run and fix our eyes on it for the long haul ahead.

And I'm glad that there's always a reminder to take the journey together. The key is always a string of connections. No journey is made without the people who sync with you in one heart and one purpose. They vitally help you achieve that one thing you want to work until its completion. I'm imperfect. But knowing that I can trust Him, I can be used mightily to do His will here on earth. As long as life goes on and the heart still burns, I'll keep on fighting all the way until the end.